Glass and Lighting Photography Specialist
I have photographed thousands of bottles from around the world.
I have published in different magazines, spaces and books, for example The World Enclopedia of Champagne & Sparkling Wine – Essi Avellan and Tom Stevenson -Absolute Press


World Enclopedia of Champagne & Sparkling Wine


I have photographed all the bottles in La Guia de Vins de Catalunya (The Catalonian Wine Guide) in the last three editions. That means that I have photographed all of the wine, cava and sparkling wine bottles in Catalonia.
My photography can be found both in paper edition and in augmented reality applications (Google Play and Apple Store)


(Catalonian Wine Guide)
I have photographed for, amongst others, Golden Vintage, Selectus Wines and for a whole lot of cellars and wine companies in different formats for eCommerce companies.
I have participated in documentaries like “Deconstruïnt el Vi Català” (Unearthing Catalonian Wines) with Raul Deamo, shows on Catalonian Television (Canal 33) on September 11th, 2014.
I have shared in publications like “100 Vins Catalans que has de conèixer” (100 Catalonian Wines you Have to Taste) by Lluís Tolosa and Clara Antúnez




I have been interviewed in various forms of media.
“” Interview
“Deconstruïnt el vi català” Interview
“” Interview


Glass photography, particularity, bottles  is highly coplex

Any who has mastered the technique of photographing glass bottles professional, should also know about lighting everything

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